Issue two of Halo now available to pre-order

We’re so excited to be bringing you issue two of Halo in print and digital. Pre-orders on perfect bound A4 print now available – please click the button below and select your region to order.

Issue two features almost 70 pages of breath-taking flash fiction and beautiful visual art by the following talented women creatives:

Emily Achieng’, Jennifer Adam, Clare Archibald, Kat Blucker, Catherine Brockhurst, Sara Codair, Katya Evans, Kate Finegan, Elizabeth Gibson, Olivia Gwyne, Stephanie Hutton, Jan Kaneen, Emmaleene Leahy, Sarah Little, Alison Lock, Josephine L. Martin, Melanie McAinsh, Rachael McGill, Derwen Morfayel, FJ Morris, Poppy O’Neill, Beth O’Rafferty, Anika Prakash, Carrie Redway, Alex Reece Abbott, Evangeline Sellers, Lisa Shininger, Sharon Telfer, Christine Thomas Alderman, Sophie van Llewyn, Nan Wigington, Brandy Wilkinson, Yen-Rong Wong, F. E. Clark, Jean McEwan, Ruth Thorp, Tracy Ryan, Mandy Williams

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